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Gift Certificate

The Charts Unlimited Gift Certificate is a voucher that can be bought at our official website www.chartsunlimited.com.ph.  It can be used when you purchase any of our products in the official website page like pocket charts, flashcards, cloth chart and toys & manipulatives. The certificate can only be used for a single transaction and will include shipping at the expense of the buyer amounting to P80.00  The Gift Certificate is available in 3 denominations: P200, P500 & P1000. Every serial code of the Gift Certificate has a corresponding match code in order to claim. Redemption periods is always within the current year.

 If you wish to give a gift certificate,

  1. Go to our official website www.chartsunlimited.com.ph search “Gift Certificate”.  Add the Gift Certificate to your shopping cart.
  2. Upon checkout, put your name, contact details and email address of the recipient and when you want us to send the Gift Certificate in the Remarks portion.  Make sure this is correct since the voucher code and match code will be sent to the recipient via this email address.
  3. Select the appropriate shipping fee. Choose Metro Manila shipping if recipient is in Metro Manila and provincial shipping if the items will be delivered outside Metro Manila.
  4. Upon completion of the checkout process, we will send you an invoice with bank details and payment options.  Gift Certificates will only be sent on the date provided and upon receipt of payment.

If you receive a gift certificate,

  1. Go to our official website www.chartsunlimited.com.ph and add the items that you wish in your cart. The Gift Certificate is applicable to all product categories in our shop website.
  2. If you already have an account with us, login upon checkout.  Otherwise, register for an account and proceed to checkout.
  3. Upon checkout, input the “Gift Certificate, amount, serial code and match code” (ex: Gift Certificate 200- SN000001 match code: CU45Qn61R) on the “ORDER NOTES” box.  It is important to login before proceeding to checkout so the Gift Certificate details can put on the allocation box.
  4. The gift card can be used for single transaction only. If the amount of gift certificate is not enough to cover your purchases then the difference will be paid in cash thru bank deposit or paypal. No change shall be given in case customer’s purchase is less then the amount of the gift certificate.
  5. Not convertible to cash.
  6. Charts Unlimited reserves the right to refuse when the given details are not match, tampered and without valid signatures.


Email us at sales@chartsunlimited.com.ph if you have further inquiries.

Happy Shopping!

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