Web Organizer Chart

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The Web Organizer Chart is perfect for illustrating a variety of cross-curricular lessons. It can be used to brainstorm before writing, reinforce summarizing lessons, create study guides, detail events, and more! It provides the fastest way to grasp information. You can expect that at least some of the kids in your classroom will fall into that category.

Everyone learns better when informationis presented to them in multiple ways, through multiple sensory channels. Web Organizer Chart not only provide a visual capsule of information, but also lend themselves to tactile uses, with sorting circles and graphic organizer pocket charts allowing a high degree of hands-on involvement especially on classrooms.


* High quality materials and durable construction.

*Sturdy grommets with cords for easy hanging.

*A teacher resource guide.

*Great for all Levels and subjects!


7 Colors – 12″ Diameter with 4 pockets each

Pocket size : H 1 1/2″ W 9″ to 11″

Est. weight : 700 grams

Size : H 37 1/2″ W 40″

As is color.