Attendance Chart


Attendance Chart encourages children to go to school and look forward for school days.
Children are alert and are more careful in making absences if the Attendance chart is clearly seen in the classroom. Pupils are also careful to note those classmates who are always absent because of sickness, encouraging them to write and visit their classmate to get well and come back to school!



*Ready and easy to use visual aids.
*High quality materials and durable construction.
*It has sturdy grommets and cords for easy hanging.
*A teacher resource guide.
*All Levels.

*Title: (1) 3″ x 13″ clear pockets
*4 layers and 4 columns 2″ x 3″
*Est. weight 150 grams
*H 21″ W 13″

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow


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